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The 22nd of March is World Water Day.

This is a day to recognise that more than 2.2 billion people across the world do not have access to safe water and that water is a human right.

Water is a vital part of life for the Karen in many ways, from its need in farming, its impact on health and its impact on the environment, it both limits and helps the Karen continue their lives.

Why do the Karen suffer from water poverty?

How does KHT help to end water poverty?

KHT’s WASH system ensures that remote and marginalised Karen communities are given access to more water and cleaner water. Many villages cannot afford to build a WASH system without our help and must use water sources close by or rely on old and barely functioning government systems.

KHT works with the community to:

We had to bring water using bamboo sticks and it would take an hour a day. Sometimes people would have to queue at the river as so many people were collecting water. Some people don’t have cars so they would struggle to bring heavy containers back. The water would be dirty and we would get sick more. This has changed now we have the KHT system!

– resident of Ban Eh Vee Jo

What difference do our systems make?

KHT’s last evaluation on our water programme found that not only were our WASH systems very well received and appreciated by the villages, they also had a significant impact on improving the health of the village.

From a sample of 13 villages, our research found:

Visiting even older projects, it is clear that the WASH system is greatly valued by the villages. They work together to maintain it and they all reported how much easier their lives where having access to water they felt was safer and also adequate for all their needs, even in the dry season when they would struggle.

– Director, KHT

On World Water day we reaffirm our commitment to the Karen people and helping them end water poverty. Water not only is a human right but it is vital in creating peaceful, healthy societies and better futures. Better health and dignity are two of the most important reasons to ensure people have enough water.

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