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Volunteer stories!

We love it when our water project and teaching volunteers share their volunteering journey with us. Whether it’s about life on the project, top tips for future volunteers or just a funny story – click the links below to read more about some of the amazing experiences our volunteers have had!

“I am so happy I volunteered with KHT! It has been the best experience and I would recommend this charity to anyone.”

Lizzy Sheerin, building a clean water system and teaching English – 2015
An Interview with Alice

An Interview with Alice

I’m so glad I volunteered with KHT in 2019. I was extremely nervous at the airport and before heading to the village, but those nerves were quelled as I got to know the wonderful people I’d be volunteering with over the course of the project. Of course it was emotionally difficult at times, especially being so far from home for the first time without regular access to our phones, but we clubbed together and supported each other through. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and opened my eyes to another way of living which helps keep Western life in perspective sometimes!

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John, previous Teaching Volunteer in Khun Yuam

John, previous Teaching Volunteer in Khun Yuam

I volunteered with KHT as a teacher in 2018. I had initially only planned to stay in Thailand for 3 months but in the end I stayed for 6! From my arrival in Khun Yuam right through to my departure I was welcomed by the KHT family and more generally by the people of Khun Yuam.

The school I taught in was a large secondary which had students from Khun Yuam itself and a number of the surrounding Karen villages. Whilst teaching I had the opportunity to really get to know Karen culture through living and working with Karen people and visiting the Karen villages. It was hugely satisfying to get to know such amazing people and have the pleasure of teaching them. The experiences I had and friendships I made whilst living and teaching in Thailand are ones that I will always cherish.

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“Why was it such a good experience going to Thailand with KHT? Because of the people, as simple as that. Karen and Thai people are the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

Isabel Gibert, Teaching English, 2014