The Karen Hilltribes Trust works to provide improve health, secure sustainable livelihoods and improve access to education for marginalised Karen people.

The work we do is rooted in key charitable and development principles as well as working towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our work is community-led and we ensure Karen people are involved in the processes and our work is appropriate and effective.

KHT is keen to raise awareness of the situation facing Karen people as well as the type of work we do and encourage people to understand more about development, climate change, poverty and how we can help. We have created a special educational resource tool for schools to utilise and you can download it below!

This school pack features interesting information on the Karen as well as ways for young people to think about poverty, disadvantage and how they can help. It can be used as a supplementary activity in school and will enrich young minds and open them up to knowledge about a forgotten and unknown people with a fascinating culture and history.

We encourage teachers to download this resource and get in touch with us!

You can contact us on: