Higher Education Scholarships

Why is the Higher Education Scholarship Project needed?

Providing access to primary and secondary education is essential to break cycles of poverty, however if students still cannot access higher education, great potential and skills are lost and makes higher paying professions unattainable for the Karen communities.

Therefore ensure that cycles of poverty are broken, KHT provides scholarships to vulnerable Karen youths for vocational and teaching courses, supporting the development of practical skills. These courses increase employment and livelihood opportunities for scholarship recipients and their families and contribute to social change on a larger scale. KHT believes that scholarships are key in helping communities become more self-sufficient, improving their economic well-being and helping them escape from the poverty that keeps communities in Mae Hong Son vulnerable.

So far, KHT has supported 155 scholarship students.

What is the Higher Education Scholarship project?

Through the Higher Education Scholarships Project, KHT supports 45 students with scholarships to cover tuition and living costs whilst studying. The scholarships provide a practical means of making higher education accessible and make it possible for Karen youths to find sustainable livelihoods.

Students who receive the scholarship tend to use the money to pay for their tuition fees (3,500 THB; 119 USD per term) and other accompanying costs. These include the fees students pay to stay in dormotories during term-time (500 THB; 17 USD per term), which many need due to the distance from their homes to school, and the costs of food, uniform and stationary.

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  • 155

    Graduates since the start of the programme

  • 45

    Students currently receiving support

  • 20

    Years of supplying scholarships

Jintra's story

Jintra’s story

Jintra studies computing at HVD level at vocational college. During term time she lives in a dormitory close to the college. She really enjoys her time at college where she finds sports, in particular, volleyball, really fun.

For many other families in the area, parents cannot support their children in school meaning they have to return home and work for the family. For Jintra, this would include cooking rice, washing and rice pounding, which are her responsibilities during her holidays. Other students have to work part time throughout the week leaving little time for their studies.

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Sustainability is Key!

Sustainability is Key!

We at KHT are thinking long-term and are dedicated to realise the 17 sustainable development goals. All our projects are therefore designed to contribute to more than one. The Higher Education Scholarship project supports all the coloured goals in the picture.