Posted on 12 Dec 22 in KHT News

KHT’s annual Jungle Trek is back! Thirteen intrepid trekkers plus two of our KHTF trustees and our Thailand staff just completed 5 days of trekking and sleeping in the Mae Hong Son jungle.

Our staff prepare meals, set up camp sites and help trekkers as they arrive at each stop. Trekkers had the opportunity to be up close with the beautiful natural landscape of Mae Hong Son as well as sleeping under the stars and eating traditional Karen food. Trekkers were also able to see KHT projects in action.

Despite the experience being strenuous and tiring, the trekkers all thanked our staff for the great experience and looking after them. They loved the beauty of the region and the delicious food and many are keen to do it again!

You can view the trek from the trekkers perspective on our Instagram page too.

If you would like to join our trek or volunteering you can contact us on and you can still donate and help us do more for marginalised Karen people in Mae Hong Son!