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Khun Yuam is a town in the Mae Hong Son Province. Northern Thailand is very different to other parts of Thailand and Khun Yuam is a great place to stop as you tour this region!

What To Eat…

There are many great places to get delicious Thai food and also coffee and snacks in Khun Yuam.

The 7-11 and Lotus Supermarkets are great places to get your groceries and also find delicious convenience store food and snacks. You will definitely want to try what they have and they are easily located on the main road in town.

Restaurants such as Khraw Mai Kao, Khraw Kra Tin and Sa La Win are also on the main road and serve fresh, authentic Thai food.

There are also many cafes that serve food and drinks including coffee with orange juice! Some of our favourites are:

Thai Spaghetti and a view

Where To Stay..

If you need to stop for a night or want to stay longer, there are hotels in Khun Yuam such as the Yoont Hotel and Mit Khun Yuam Hotel in the main part of town.

There is also the Khun Yuam Resort which has beautiful views of the forest and it just out of town. This is a place to stay if you want a break from any hustle and bustle.

There are more rest houses and places to stay such as the Sununcha Resort and Ban Farang Resthouse which are reopening as Covid restrictions lessen.

What To Do…

Getting around Khun Yuam isn’t always easy, and many people use mopeds or bikes. You can get minivans or shared taxis to and from Mae Hong Son and there is a daily bus to Chiang Mai that leaves twice a day and also arrives twice a day from Chiang Mai. It is easy to walk around the town itself to places to eat and shop.

KHT volunteers often live in Khun Yuam or the villages surrounding it and it is a unique experience that they remember for the rest of their lives. You can find out more about how to volunteer with KHT here.