Posted on 21 Aug 23 in Children/Education

KHT recently completed an evaluation of our Education Programme. We sent our surveys to the schools we work with and did surveys with our drivers for our school buses.

This is so we know how our projects are helping those they are intended for, to help us learn and improve and ensure your donations are being expended in the most effective way.

Children making the treacherous journey to school during heavy rains and floods.
This is both unsafe and unpleasant for children and means they cannot attend everyday or must live in dorms away from their families.

During the 2022-2023 school year:

 KHT is also keen to ensure the sustainability of the buses and our hope is that communities will be able to finance them without our support so we can move onto creating new routes. As KHT’s Livelihoods Project helps to increase incomes and the value of the buses is proven to communities, passing the buses back to the community is the ideal outcome. This year, four drivers indicated this would be possible however only one one of the bus route can be taken over by the community right now, which shows some progress after the impact of Covid 19 and financial uncertainty.

Karen school children and KHT’s School Bus

KHT is also keen to ensure the community benefit as much as possible from the buses and we asked if they were used for other reasons. During Covid-19, KHT’s buses were used to deliver educational materials and PPP and we have also used them to deliver medicines for our deworming project and transport volunteers to villages. Currently our drivers have indicated they do not use the buses beyond helping people commute occasionally or to transport crops. This could be due to them needing to return to their farming responsibilities, however we will continue to communicate with them and use the buses to support other KHT work when possible.

Our bus drivers and schools were also keen to tell us that there are many more students that could benefit and they are unable to include them due to safety and overcrowding issues. This requires more funding and is something KHT is actively working for. You can help us by donating and telling your friends and family about our work!

Monitoring and Evaluation is a vital part of development work and this exercise has allowed us to understand our Education Programme better, have evidence to prove what is working and have suggestions on how to improve our school buses project.