Posted on 28 Jun 23 in Livelihoods

Ban Pa Maak is a village located in the Mae La Noi district and has population of 650 people. More than seven years ago severe flooding and a landslide destroyed their dam (built by the government) and they have been able to receive any further support. The village has utilised traditional bamboo dams but these are easily washed away and need constant rebuilding. They also require a lot of additional labour and trees, which is bad for the local environment.

KHT’s Flood Resistant Irrigation System is a cost effective and long lasting solution and we just completed building it in the village. The FRIS is built with the cooperation of the village, which encourages ownership and allows us to utilise the knowledge of the villagers to build in the best location for them.

We spoke with Mr Singkham, who is a 55 year old farmer that lives in Ban Pa Maak with his wife, son and daughter and his niece. The family work together and over the years, farming has become increasingly difficult and their incomes has dropped.

As a child, poverty meant I was unable to finish school and our school was so far away. For my children now things are better and they have been able to study. I have been a farmer all my life and it has become difficult having to repair our dams 4 times a year and lose out on valuable farming time. Not having enough water has meant fewer crops and this has meant less money and food for many people in the village. It has been disheartening.

KHT’s help is so important to us and we are so grateful. I want to say thank you to your staff and your supporters. We can cultivate our crops normally and we don’t need to cut down as many trees. It will help us now and in the nest generation. We can plant many different crops now and I hope I will will have time and resources to grow my own garden too. With KHT’s support I hope we will develop further and things will get better for us.

The project in Ban Pa Maak has been supported by a very kind donor and we have been able to ensure the village is now longer struggling when it comes to food security and income. Farming is vital for the livelihoods and well-being of the Karen and our FRIS system is an unvaluable form of long term support and change. You can help us support more villages by donating today!