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The 5th of June is marked as World Environment Day. This year’s theme is #Generationrestoration and focuses on how we can revive forests, water sources and make peace with the land. The world is suffering from a climate crisis that many do not understand the gravity of and unfortunately many of those in positions to enact the change needed are more focused on profits and power.

Indigenous and rural communities have always been at the forefront of protecting the environment but they are also the ones facing the impact of climate change.

The Karen are deeply connected to their land and the health of the environment is vital for their survival and future. Their reliance on the land for food, income and as their home means that they have learned to utilise and also take care of their land, but this is coming under threat from mass farming, land rights issues and climate crises such as flooding, heatwaves and drought.

KHT’s work with Karen communities aims to provide vital foundational support and also help them protect their environment. Our WASH systems support better waste management, provide water to communities and help the degradation of water sources. Our irrigation systems means less trees are cut down to make temporary dams and villagers can manage flooding and use their farmland throughout the year.

KHT is committed to working with the Karen and ensuring they can continue their way of life and continue to protect their land. You can help us reach more communities by donating today!