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Ban Thuan is a village that takes more than five hours to drive to from our office in Khun Yuam. The roads around the village are in poor condition and the village is spread across a large area. The remote village has struggled with lack of access to clean water, and many families are forced to use unsafe well water or walk to the stream that is far away to collect water.

In dry season, there is much less water and only a few houses have access to the government water system that is also in poor condition.

Mrs. Wilaillak is a 40 year old mother of two girls who lives in Ban Thuan and is a farmer.

I didn’t have the chance to study and I stopped going to school in primary school. My mother passed away and I looked after my siblings. My father didn’t have enough to send us all to school and my brothers were able to receive a free education as a Christian school in the city.

We barely had enough money for food and clothes and traveling to the city was beyond our reach.

KHT’s support has been very helpful. We used to use water from the well or creek water which is quite far. We would have to wait in line to get water and if you had a car or motorbike it is ok but v difficult for those without. 

Although people offer to help, many people feel ashamed to keep asking neighbours for help when they needed water. Without water our life is so difficult.

KHT helped to provide a water system and latrines and we couldn’t afford this alone. The villagers participated in the construction and although it was hard work, it made us feel good to do this.

Having enough water to use each day has eased so many burdens and made life easier. We will also have better health and less diseases from the dirty water. The project will help every aspect of our life from our livelihoods and health and also keep our kids healthy too.”

The village of Ban Thuan is split into 5 sections that are spread quite far from each other. The roads are in bad condition and it can be hard for people to travel to and from the village, especially in rainy season. Some houses closer to the main road so they have been able to pay for water from the old government system, however even this doesn’t mean access to enough water. KHT’s support will make a big difference for the village and after years of struggling the village will not be facing facing poverty.

I want my daughters to have what I didn’t so I have made sure they are studying. One will be a nurse and the other is in high school in Chiang Mai. Although I don’t get to have them with me, I want them to have a better life and better futures.

Mrs Wilaillak
Our M&E Officer speaking with Mrs Wilaillak

KHT is grateful for the support of our donor, the Jan and Oscar Foundation for support Ban Thuan’s WASH system and helping us change lives for the better.