Posted on 06 May 21 in Case Stories KHT News

In early April, KHT met online with two dedicated teachers that work at Ban Mae La Noi Daroon Sik school. This school currently has 121 students living in the domitories. These students all get support from KHTs School meals project and are given three meals per day. Only 31 of these students are boys, the remaining 90 are all girls.

The two teachers have very different backgrounds. Mr Chatree has now been teaching for 36 years and did not even want to become a teacher from the start – it was his parents’ choice. He is very happy they made that choice for him though because his job is now his identity, and he sees the difference he makes in the students’ life.

For Mr Somrak, who has now been a teacher for 10 years, it was almost the opposite. He was one of the few people from his village that had the chance to go to school. One teacher really changed his worldview and became his role model in life. “I just wanted to inspire students and help them reach their potential, like my teacher did for me”.

Today, the two teachers dream of making education accessible for all students in Mae Hong Son. “There are many obstacles to education here. Many families in the area do not have much money, and it is difficult for them to keep the children in school. This school have students from very remote villages, so many stay in the dormitories. We try to keep the cost for the dormitories low, so that most families can afford it. With that said, the 500 THB that we get per student/term, is really not enough to feed the children. If we did not get support from KHT, it would not be possible for us to keep food on the table for the students. If we would ask for more from the families, many children would have to leave or would go hungry.”

“We would say that KHT Meals project works as a bridge. A bridge between the school and the communities. The bridge that makes access to education possible.” Mr Somrak said.

“Yes, I agree and for us as teachers, it makes our job easier. We see the students happy, with more focus in class. We see that they do not worry so much too and they have it easier to learn. So we want to say a big thank you for your support, it makes teaching more fun and accessible for all” Mr Chatree adds. “We only wish we can continue supporting the children!”

It is thanks to your support that this is possible in the first place- Let’s continue the good work together!