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 KHT is supporting the village of Ban Mae La Gnew with a WASH and Flood Resistant Irrigation System. KHT’s help will ensure the village can grow rice again after years of unusable land and villagers will be able to access cleaner water without having to use dirty streams and or dig wells.

Mr Pathuhae is a resident in Mae La Gnew, where he lives with his wife. He has lived in the village since he was born and is a farmer. He was unable to attend school because there was no school, road or electricity when he was growing up.

In the past we carried water with bamboo from the river and it would take half the day. We had to wash ourselves and our clothes in the river too.

Eventually as roads were built the town also received a water system from the local government. However this system is now many years old and there is a water shortage, especially in the dry season. For the farmers in the village, these last few years have been very difficult. There have been floods that have means they cannot grow rice. Without rice, the incomes in the village have lessened and poverty has increased.

We are so happy with your help. The villagers will now have water for drinking and using in our farming. It will help us live better lives. We a a harmonious village and we help each other and this is something I am proud of. As Karen we are given less opportunities and slower than others because we are so far from everything, but you have come to help us.

Although the road to the village is still a dirt road and this makes it difficult for villagers to travel and access services, improving the crop diversity, health and income generation in the village will go a long way towards improving lives.

With your help we can make a real difference to the lives of farmers like Mr Pathuhae, and we hope to reach more and more people this year!