School Meals

Why is the School Meals Project needed?

One of the most pressing matters as to why children in Karen communities do not complete school is access to education institutions. Most communities within the province have a primary school within ten kilometres of the village, however secondary schools are limited to the larger towns and can be located up to 50 km away, whilst higher education establishments can be even further.

As a result of the long distances to school, many children move into school dormitories. The school dormitories provide a possibility for children from distant locations to attend school. However, it is not free, and the families must provide the children with their own food. Many families in the Karen communities already struggle financially and cannot always support their children throughout the year.

Similarly, government support is limited, meaning that food supplies are often inadequate. This can result in children not having enough to eat affecting school performance and overall well-being. In some cases, this can even lead to student’s dropping out of school to seek employment.

To relieve the financial pressure for Karen parents, KHT provides financial support to schools through the School Meals Project to ensure that all children that stay in the school dormitories get three nutritious meals every day.

Today we supply 400 children with three meals per day from eight different schools. That is 324 000 meals per year!

What is the School Meals Project?

The School Meals Project supports 400 Karen children studying at eight schools through the provision of school meals. The school meals will provide children with the nutrition they need when living in school dormitories and make it possible for the children to attend school in the first place.

Without access to food whilst studying, children do not perform well, and their mental and physical health deteriorates. The school meals will also reduce the risk of school drop-out dramatically and allow the children to perform better and have better health, which in the long-term mean access to quality education.

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  • 400

    Children are provided with 3 meals every day

  • 324,000

    Meals have been provided since the start of the project

  • 7,000

    Students have had increased access to education thanks to the project

More than words thank you!

More than words thank you!

“My name is Kritsana. I’m 18 years old and at Khun Yuam Wittaya school. I live in Khun Yuam district, Mae Hong Son district. And I would like to thank KHT that give me a chance and support my school. I am glad about that. Many thank you for the school lunch and thank you for your help. At last I will focus on my studies. I love KHT <3”

// Kritsana