School Dormitories

Why is the School Dormitories Project needed?

One of the main reasons for the low number of children enrolled is the distance to schools, which often means children have to move to live in dormitories. For Karen children living in a school dormitory, life can be tough. Dormitories are often overcrowded and underfunded, so some children end up sleeping on the cold floors in classrooms, with little comforts or safety. Bad sleep impedes concentration and school performance and can ultimately result in children leaving school to either return home or to seek employment.

Therefore, KHT work together with the schools to ensure that the dormitories at the school is in good condition and with room for all the students living at the school.

So far, KHT has supported 14 schools with new dormitories, and thereby increased access to quality education for 2,500 Karen children!

What is the School Dormitories Project?

KHT has supported thousands of children by repairing dilapidated dormitories and providing essential furnishings such as beds and mosquito nets. In addition, our Thai-based Karen team have constructed entirely new dormitories for those communities most in need.

The result is that Karen children can continue their education without risk to their health and safety.

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  • 10

    Dormitories constructed by our construction team

  • 3,538

    Students have gained access to education through a space in a dormitory

  • 511

    Children can live comfortably at school each year

Thank you from dedicated student

Thank you from dedicated student

“KHT school dormitory allows me to study at a higher level. make me feel safe and helped my  family. Not just giving me the opportunity but  giving  my brothers  and sisters  a chance too. Has greatly unburdened my  parents. 

Thank you”

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Sustainability is Key!

Sustainability is Key!

We at KHT are thinking long-term and are dedicated to realise the 17 sustainable development goals. All our projects are therefore designed to contribute to more than one. The School Dormitories project supports all the coloured goals in the picture.

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