School Transport

Why is the School Transport Project needed?

The KHT School Transport project supply Karen villages with the support to run their own transport service to access education. The buses are needed, as it can be difficult for Karen communities to access education. Most villages within Mae Hong Son have a primary school within ten kilometres of the village. However, secondary schools are limited to the larger towns and can be located up to 50 km away, whilst higher education establishments are even further.

Walking can be dangerous and therefore many parents keep their children at home, especially their girls. Access to education is therefore largely dependent on transportation capabilities. As many families live below the poverty line, there is usually little income to cover such expenses, resulting in children leaving education to seek employment or support their parents at home.

The provision of a school transport service is therefore a simple solution to ensure access to education for Karen communities. Without a service, there is a greater risk of: school drop-out at both primary and secondary level; low school enrolment for girls reducing their chances of a better future; and children being put at risk whilst travelling to school.

By ensuring local ownership of the buses we can ensure sustainability and provide the villagers with extra income. Today we have 18 buses driving to 30 communities, transporting 415 children every day!

So far, the school transport project have provided 12,000 Karen children with access to education. With your support we can reach even more!

What is the School Transport Project?

KHT work together with the Karen communities to create every bus route. Currently there are 18 active bus routes, driving kids to 10 different schools from 30 different communities. In total 415 children use the buses every day!

The drivers are chosen from the local communities by the village council and we at KHT provide him with the support to run the School Transport service. In time, the ownership of the bus routes will pass onto the community, making sure that the project is sustainable.

For every child that can access education, it means improved chances in life! Not just for the child, but the entire community.


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Project impact

  • 30

    Communities supported by our school buses to increase access to education

  • 415

    Children use the buses daily to travel from the 30 communities to 10 different schools

  • 7,000

    Students have gained access to education since 2006 as a result of the school transport project

Thank you from Miss Kanoknida

Thank you from Miss Kanoknida

“For The Karen Hilltribes Trust  is helping my  home village for  supporting the school bus .It’s  make me  and all my friends have a good opputunity for get to the school.

We are very proud of  the Karen Hill Tribes Trust  is caring the children from  the remote village  and students have less opportunity  like us.

For us we are  from  the remote village and   have  less opportunity  from many ways. We are very happy and thank you very much to the Karen Hill Tribes Trust.

We hope we will get the  longer support from KHT. Thank you  very much!”

// Miss Kanoknida