Posted on 16 Oct 23 in Livelihoods

KHT constructed an irrigation system in the village of Ban Huay Ma Ba in January 2022. We returned recently to check on the progress of he village and spoke to the villagers.

Mr Surachi is a 41 year old farmer who told us about how life has changed after KHT’s support:  

“My life was so difficult when I was young. My father passed away when I was just a year old. When I was a teenager, I really wanted to study but my family didn’t want to, after I graduated from junior high school. I went back to my home.” 

He stressed to us his desire to study but was unable to do so and how he hopes his children will get the opportunities he didn’t get.

Before the KHT irrigation system Mr Surachi spoke of how difficult his work was before KHT’s irrigation system and that the village had to work together to cut down trees and build multiple bamboo dams. These dams were vital to support irrigation for crops and however they are too easily washed away and cutting trees can also be considered illegal by local authorities in many places.

Repairing and rebuilding would take a lot of time and without enough water, crops were easily infested by insects or unable to thrive.  

The KHT irrigation system has greatly improved the lives of villagers in Ban Huay Ba Ma, meaning they haven’t had to reconstruct an irrigation system since January 2022. This system has also allowed them to grow enough rice for their family and to sell at markets. The construction helps ensure fields are irrigated and there is enough water directed in even the drier seasons.

“Me and the villagers have a better life. We don’t have to pump water in the summer and in the future we can grow a various other plants. The new generation may grow potatoes, cabbage, and corn, which can reduce expenses for the new generation. We can offer nothing in return except saying thank you so much to the KHT staff and the donors who support us!

KHT is proud to be able to support Karen farmers and improve lives in the village. Improved livelihoods mean a better quality of life for people, more choices and a route out of poverty. Thank you for helping us provide this vital support and we hope you will continue in your concern for the Karen people!