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This week KHT completed its first deworming project to support the health of Karen children and improve their experience of attending and learning in school.

At one of the schools we met a teacher who was a previous recipient of KHT’s scholarship programme. Kru Wi now works in her home village and helps educate other children and is positive example for her students to emulate.

We met a smiling Kru Wi during KHT’s deworming day at Ban Ma Hin Lung school, which is such a small village that you won’t find it on any maps. Ban Ma Hin Lung is a very remote village, located very deep in the forest of Mae Hong Son province and cut off from many vital services and amenities.

Kru Wi is now 33, but was only 18 when she first met KHT staff in her village, who provided her with the opportunity to continue her studies at Chiang Mai University and become a teacher.

I had always wanted to become a teacher and KHT’s scholarship helped me to fulfil this dream.

Kru Wi

She graduated in 2012 and after one year she started to teach in Sob Meuy and after that she returned to her own home village and teaches at the primary school. She told us she is very happy teaching in her own village and that she can help her parents with their daily living expenses.

Through the Higher Education Scholarships Project, KHT currently supports 45 students with scholarships to cover tuition and living costs whilst studying. The scholarships provide a practical means of making higher education accessible and make it possible for Karen youths to find sustainable livelihoods.

Students who receive the scholarship tend to use the money to pay for their tuition fees (3,500 THB; 119 USD per term) and other accompanying costs. These include the fees students pay to stay in dormotories during term-time (500 THB; 17 USD per term), which many need due to the distance from their homes to school, and the costs of food, uniform and stationary. As costs of education increase and more Karen youth want to pursue their dreams, your support is vital in ensuring we can keep serving these ambitious young people who then return to further support their communities.

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