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Mi Paw is 56 and lives with her family in the village of Ban Hauy Tong Ching, where she has lived since her birth. She has three sons who are all farmers and also live in the village with their wives and children.

The village is made up about 30 households and can only be accessed by a dirt road that can become difficult to navigate during bad weather.

Mi Paw remembers how difficult life was in the past. She used to walk more than 3km to primary school and didn’t get to study past grade 4. The village has only had electricity for 10 years and before that she would have to burn trees for light and cooking.

KHT built a WASH system in Mi Paw’s village 2015. The project was funded by the Rotary Bangkok South and built with the help of our international volunteers.

When we didn’t have water in the village, I would walk through the forest for our drinking water, and we would wash in the river. It took a lot of my time.

Mi Paw

Without enough water she remembers that they struggled to grow enough rice and grow any other crops. She recalls only being able to eat the same meals because they could only grow rice and limited vegetables. The dry season can be very harsh for farmers, with water sources drying up and the need for even more water than usual for crops. Mi Paw told us that they still need more water in the dry season but KHT’s WASH System has increased how much water is available so they can grow more crops and also diversify what they grow.

We couldn’t afford to buy corn but not we can grow it to eat and also to sell. Having more water has improved our lives and made things more comfortable for me. I am very glad for KHT’s help.

Mi Paw

KHT’s latrines have also brought ease and dignity to the village. No one is forced to go into the forest to relieve themselves in bad weather, during the night or elderly and unwell.

There are very specific struggles for Karen women when water and sanitation are not available, and KHT is keen to ensure our support reduces the burdens facing Karen women as they work in the homes and fields.

KHT’s M&E Officer speaking with Mi Paw

Mi Paw told us she is grateful for the improvements in the village over the years, and KHT has been a big part of this. She hopes that the road is improved and maintained so the village does not get cut off in bad weather and hopes for more water in dry season.

She tries to be grateful for things being better in the village, and hopes her grandchildren can get educated.

I would like to share the Karen culture with people. How we dress and how we farm, because there are some beautiful things about it. I would like to grandchildren to get educated. I want them to speak Thai and English so they can communicate with the rest of the world.

Mi Paw

By helping us reduce water poverty in Ban Huay Tong Ching, you have made a real change for Mi Paw and her community. There are many more villages that still need access to cleaner water and you can continue to support our WASH programme by donating today!