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Only an estimated 41% of children in Mae Hong Son finish upper secondary school. Many Karen youth struggle to achieve their dreams due to poverty, distance and discrimination.

KHT’s Scholarship Programme aims to provide vital financial support for university and vocational level students so they are able to aspire to new careers and improved livelihoods. Nicli is one of our scholarship students and her story is a beautiful example of the difference our scholarships make. Not only did the scholarship help Nicli, but now she is giving back as a teacher and is an example to other Karen youth, especially young girls!

“My grew up with my parents and my older brother and sister. Our father passed away when I was in high school and because my mother was a farmer and struggled to provide for us alone, my siblings stopped studying. My brother began to help my mother on the farm and my sister moved away to work in the city as there were no opportunities for her here.

My life before KHT’s help was very hard. My mother didn’t want me to go to university because she couldn’t afford the fees, but it was always my goal to become a teacher. I looked for scholarship opportunities and when I found KHT’s scholarship opportunity, my life changed.  

I feel the scholarship project is very important, people really need KHT’s support especially those who don’t have the money to continue their studies in Karen communities. KHT and this scholarship pushes scholarship students to get good grades and get a good education. Although my mother wasn’t supportive at first, I feel like having KHT’s support gave me confidence to study and get a good job. 

I would like to say thank you so much for the scholarship project and the KHT for supporting Karen people. You are not only providing financial support, you also supported my mental health.” 

We have 46 amazing scholars enrolled in our programme and we need to reach more! Help us by donating today and providing a lifeline of support and empowerment for Karen youth!