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According to the WHO, parasitic worms a global issue impacting the health and well-being of millions. They can be particularly detrimental to the growth and development of children and many experts recommend deworming in areas where worms are endemic. For many children across Mae Hong Son, the water and environment make parasitic worm infections more likely and this can not only cause dangerous health issues but can also effect concentration, school attendance and overall happiness and mobility.

After careful consultation with schools, KHT implemented a deworming programme across 7 remote schools and provided deworming medication to over 500 children and also their teachers.

From evidence, it is shown that deworming days are a more successful way of combatting worms than individuals going to health centres as, worms aren’t obvious when you first get them. By treating whole schools we combat the issue head on.

Liv, KHT Programmes Officer

This project has been very generously supported by the Rotary Club of Bangkok South, who have been a long term and invaluable partner to KHT. We hope to complete the second round of the deworming in 6 months and the project has already been very well received by schools and parents!

The medication will help remove and prevent parasites and help improve school attendance and participation. KHT’s team were present for the administering of the medications…

We are all thankful and supportive of the deworming days. We are overall very happy with how they went and look forward to many deworming days in the future! Thank you KHT!

School Headteacher

Karen children face many struggles in life as marginalised minorities living in a harsh environment and coping with poverty. KHT works to ensure they can access education and that they are not held back from learning and playing due to something as easily treatable as worms.

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