Posted on 27 Sep 23 in KHT News Livelihoods

The Village of Ban Pa Maak is located near two rivers and is home to over 650 people. KHT provided the village with a flood resistant irrigation system in 2021 and another this year in May 2023.

As the rainy season continued, one river experienced flooding and an unexpected flash flood damaged the government dam, the access bridge and also one of KHT’s irrigation dams. This is the first time that a KHT dam has been destroyed by flooding. The flooding was intense and meant a lot of large debris was also caught up in the flooding, making it a truly dangerous occurrence.

Many homes were also damaged, many Rai of farmland are now flooded and unusable and many other homes are in threat due to the erosion caused by the water.

KHT’s team have spoken with the village and they have let us know that thankfully, no people were harmed, however access to the village is now restricted and many people are concerned about how they will continue to farm rice in the coming months once the rains stop.

We will return to the village when the rains stop and work with the village to help them once again. The loss of vital infrastructure will impact the most vulnerable in the village and have a negative impact on food security and also health and education access.

The Karen continue to be impacted by worsening weather and climate change. From landslides to extreme floods, as well as increases in insect populations, the delicate balance of life is being harmed and hurting those that live and work on the land in Mae Hong Son.

KHT will continue to support marginalised Karen communities and we need your help to do that! You can donate today and help us support villages that need water, access to education and livelihoods.