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KHT’s Scholarship Programme is a form of support with a huge impact on individual Karen youth and also Karen society. We are immensely proud of our scholarship students and their hard work in getting their degrees and giving back to their communities.

Ms Yatika moved us with her work ethic and her story about how KHT has helped her become a teacher and given her new opportunities.

 “I have have four siblings and I’m the second child. My father passed away when I started in junior high and my brother who was in university had to drop out and work to support us. When I graduated junior high my mother didn’t have money to support me, but when I received the scholarship from KHT I was able to attend university, I also got a Student Loan and my mother had to allow me to continue my studies. I also worked part time during my holidays so I would not miss out on my education.  

It was hard because my family are farmers and it is very hard to earn income as a farmer. Watching my parents work hard and supporting so many children, and then losing my father made me feel very sad.

If KHT didn’t support me, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to study at university and would have likely become a farmer like my parents. Nowadays I have a better life and I can take care of myself and my mother. 

KHT’s project improves educational opportunities for disadvantaged children, this helps children follow their dreams, it can be said that the KHT’s project is a project to create dreams for underprivileged children. This project is very good and useful for us. 

KHT helped me with the cost of living, such as documents, meals, boarding fees, fuel costs, etc, if I didn’t get KHT’s support I wouldn’t have continued studying. Although studying and living away from home is very expensive and I still needed a loan and help from my brother at times, KHT’s scholarship was vital in helping finish my studies. I was able to follow my dream and become a teacher rather than have a job I don’t like.

I’m so glad and happy that you could help me towards my goal of becoming a teacher and whilst I was studying I would lookforw ard to the money from KHT as it was a reminder of the amazing support I was getting and to keep doing well.

I hope KHT will continue this project for new generations who cannot afford to study but want to continue their education.

Thank you so much for your support giving me my chance to study and have a better life.”

Yatika is just one of 46 talented and hardworking students we sponsor, and we want to keep supporting them and reaching out to more disadvantaged Karen youth. Help us by donating today!