Posted on 14 Jul 23 in Health/WASH Volunteering and tagged with thailand Volunteering water

KHT hosts volunteers to support the construction of our water and sanitation systems and for the first time since the start of the Pandemic we had finally had new WASH volunteers back in Mae Hong Son!

A groups of 23 students and 3 teachers from Gordonstoun School lived and worked in the village of Ban Mae Hard to help complete the final WASH project of the season. The groups volunteered in the construction of our water system and sanitation facilities and helped to lay pipes from the source to the village and construct the system’s key components.

The lived in the village and took the opportunity to get to know the villagers, work with the local school and also provide First Aid training to the villagers.

The KHT team worked hard to ensure the experience was organised, productive and safe. The team had a fantastic time during the volunteer trip and were sad to see the children leave. They said they were touched by the ways in which the children got involved with the local community and made an effort to get to know their neighbours in the village as they worked together.

The volunteers also said they were happy to have visited the region, learned about the villagers and helped build the water system. They were moved by the hospitality they were shown and it will be an experience they will never forget.

You can watch a video of their final night in the village on our Instagram page here.

Volunteering in another country has the potential to be a life changing and positive example of cultural exchange and solidarity. KHT aims to ensure our volunteers get the most out of the experience whilst prioritising the needs and well-being of the local community and our staff. Our volunteers are also vital for our fundraising efforts and Gordonstoun School helped us secure the building of a WASH system for an entire village through their fees and their own fundraising efforts! We are both grateful for their support and happy to have worked with them on this beautiful experience!